Wednesday, January 4, 2012

where i come from.

and this is why my life is an adventure. not many people can manage to smoosh school, guitar, run-ins with cops, girl talk, an ambulance heading towards the retirement home you just left, awkward foggy windows in the albertsons parking lot, and spending $4.01 on lunch for three people in one day. 
i'm so cool. 
its fine.
(yes, i got pulled over again. yes, it was for an incomplete stop at the stop sign by the high school. 
no, i didn't get a ticket. no big deal.)

have i ever mentioned how much i love my four best girls?
summer and i walk around school during calc lab and talk about awkward things. 
because you always need one friend you can say anything to &she still loves you. "hey so is your pee still neon?"
kaitlyn & danielle and i finished mutual early so we sat in dani's car in 
the albertson's parkinglot after buying groceries for our lunch party tomorrow.
i talked to kathy all day. dang i miss that girl. 
being 800 miles away from your best friend is extremely inconvenient.

my country music is now organized.
i'm obsessed.
my favorite playlist is as follows:
(warning: contains lots of twangy instruments & southern drawl. proceed at your own risk.)

little bitty by alan jackson.
homeboy by eric church.
country must be country wide by brantley gilbert.
strawberry wine by deanna carter.
heartland by george strait.
rodeo by garth brooks.
tomorrow by chris young.
amarillo sky by jason aldean.
somewhere with you by kenny chesney.
barefoot blue jean night by jake owen.
would you go with me by josh turner.
where the green grass grows by tim mcgraw.
i don't want this night to end by luke bryan.

and just because i'm in a country sort of mood, 
welcome to the backroads of eagle idaho. :)

and just because i'm feeling reminicent of summertime today, 
here's a cute one of me&my pony. 

have a lovely wednesday. 

ps. these photos are all mine. feel free to share, but just give credit to me. 
thanks :)

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