Thursday, January 19, 2012


awesome: not having to go to school today. oh the joys of being a senior with no finals.
awkward: having to pick ryan up from school with wet hair & in yoga pants. oh, haiiii.

awesome: lunch with my bro. ryan really is the best. yep.
awkward: like 1/4 of the eagle high school student body being at subway.

awesome: paying for lunch with a gift card.
awkward: being in subway with wet hair & in yoga pants with 1/4 of the eagle high school student body.

awesome: watching biggest loser on my laptop.
awkward: when the stream pauses right as a fat man is jumping up into the air. 

awesome: cat jokes.
awkward: trying to retell a cat joke so that it was as funny as when you first heard it. (my conversation went something like this: "no really its so funny, and it gets better! why don't you think this is funny?!")

awesome: pinterest.
awkward: when one of your teachers starts following your pins.

speaking of pinterest. 
these are some lovelies as of late. 

(this is my dream hair.)

i'm going to have children that love horses :)
follow me on pinterest. 

day ten. 
this is summer. 
and we do lots of dumb things together. 
& i love her.

i took this. nbd.

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