Tuesday, January 31, 2012

happiness is.

warm weather.
windows rolled down.
sunglasses on. 
facebook notifications.
clean horses & barns.
clean stalls, clean bunny cages.
yummy food &
44 oz of your favorite poison.
(mine happens to be vanilla coke.)
new friends.
lilac colored fingernail polish.
fresh eggs. 
cute boys who give good hugs.
a funny joke.
keith urban & dierks bentley.
nicholas sparks.
good hair days. 
best friends who go to lunch with you.
parking your truck right. 
(the first time.)
yellow composition books.
going to bed before 10. 

i have alot of happy. 
i'll share if you ask nicely.



Bailey@Lost&Found said...

I agree with so many of these! Especially the clean horses and stalls! yessss. oh, and yummy food, of course!

Megs said...

I like boys that give you hugs when you're cold.
And boys that go completely out of their way to walk you to class.