Monday, January 16, 2012

i'm in a store, and i'm singing.

ridiculously long post ahead.
its a long weekend. 
thank you martin luther king jr. 

there's alot on my mind today. 

finals are this week, i'm applying for housing at utah state for this fall, the horses need their feet trimmed & their spring shots, why on earth is there no snow still, i have to teach guitar today even though its my day off, i have had the same song stuck in my head for three days, i mean come on really this isn't fair, i want to go back to bed, oh good, natali is making cookies, i forgot to put mascara on, i need to go to the bank. 

i could keep going if you want. 
no? well if you insist. 

here's my playlist for the day.


and so. there is that.

oh. and of course the 30 day challenge. (for today & yesterday)
day six.
a picture of a person you'd love to trade places with for a day.
kelly ripa.
not only hysterical but is married to a hot man & has a great body.

day seven.
a picture of your most treasured item.
my guitar.
making music is more than just a hobby; its something about hearing a new melody flow from your fingers that i find intoxicating. 


melia said...

utah state!? thats where i'm going (: lets be best friends haha! where are you applying for housing?

jessica said...

haha yes please!! holler for future aggies?! :) i'm applying at morgan hall. :)

Liesl said...

Loving the "I Wouldn't Mind" song!

Liesl :)