Monday, January 2, 2012

the other girl.

you don't know her but you definitely know you don't like her. sure, she might be nice but let us all disregard that fact. she is dating that boy you have had an eternal crush on. who does she even think she is?

the other girl syndrome.
we suffer with it.
we are accused of it.
it is the unwritten rule we, the female race, abide by.

why does she irritate us? your first instinct is to eliminate her because she is clearly just a roadblock in your forever-fairytale. she is in the way of the future you want. You've been crushing on him since the sixth grade. you've worked; you've twirled your hair, you've learned the flirting techniques, you've caught his attention & you felt like you were nearly there- then, where did she come from? i'm prettier, right? right.


i'm not particularly sure why i feel like i'm being preyed on. these looks are severely uncomfortable & i feel as if i have committed a dastardly sin. i feel as if i should personally apologize every female species i come in contact with for dating the only decent male in the county. surely, it's not fair. I'm semi-scared of the facebook friend requests that seem to be increasing. women tend to size each other up. They will find flaws in every picture i post which will definitely not be suitable for their forbidden & stolen love. I apologize.

it's an epidemic. she's probably not nearly as awful as we would like to think.

thanks meg.

ps. go listen to some country music. like, now. 

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