Saturday, January 28, 2012


oh gosh. where to start? basically, brad paisley was the  best concert that i've ever been to. he's got incredible stage presence and is a mind blowing guitar player.

i asked my fellow country lover to accompany me.
(he's driving next time. i take the wrong exits & make 11-point turns in my truck.)

scotty  mccreery & the band perry were his openers, but unfortunately chas & i were still stuck at the stupid interstate exit in standstill traffic (which we sat in for 35 minutes, thank you) and missed mr. mccreery... but thats alright because really the only song of his i like is "the trouble with girls."

thank heavens for ticket upgrades.

we got to our seats in section A6 just as the lights went down for the band perry.  holy moly, we were so close to them! we were in first row so basically just like being on the floor, but better :) and, they were flipping amazing live.

the band perry is one of my new favorites because of this. they sang fat bottomed girls (which lets face it, is great no matter who sings it but they put queen to shame. 

"you lie" is my new favorite song. i loved how they started it out with "just gonna stand there..."
(see below video)

and then brad paisley entered the stage.
first off, he got points because he was wearing a nascar tshirt.
second, he got more points for funny  idaho potatoes jokes.
i thought it was funny.
and lemme tell you, nothing is more entertaining than hearing 500 wasted rednecks singing "camouflage".

this one's my favorite.

and whiskey lullaby with the lead from the band perry was sooooo good. 
and the virtual carrie underwood that sang remind me with him... 
i was crying. its fine. 

our seats were on the aisle of the floor, and when he ran around the aisle, HE HIGH FIVED MY HAND. 

i was crying, again. 
its fine. 

and then he signed his guitar and gave it to some little girl who didn't even want it. 
i was raging. 

but basically, 
i love him. 

thats all.

peace n' blessin's
jessica :)

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