Tuesday, January 10, 2012

this is a feeling i've never felt.

day one.

i'm jessica.

  1. i love reading.
  2. i've never had braces. (see above photo)
  3. i enjoy school quite alot.
  4. i've got a crush on someone.
  5. i love coloring books.
  6. and white v-neck tshirts. (see above photo)
  7. i like the chapstick in the blue tube.
  8. i'm obsessed with crystal light.
  9. i have beads in my long blond hurrr most of the time. (see above photo)
  10. i teach guitar lessons. 
and thats ten things about me. 
believe me it was somewhat difficult to
narrow it down to ten. haha. 

okay, now that day one is out of the way, just thought i'd continue this post. 
i got three things in the mail today. which was great. 
a letter from my sweet pen pal lauren, a letter from carly, & my NEW BOOK MATCHED.
i'm excited, its fine. 
we're babysitting these weiner dogs this week...
they're annoying. 
elsie & bailey. 
the wieners.
just the fact that they're wieners...
i need to stop saying wieners. haha.  

alrighty well... i think i should finish up homework...
ugh. oh well. i've got my pandora radio station & crysal light to keep me company.

jessica :)

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