Saturday, February 25, 2012

growing up.

this weekend has been amazing, and it's only saturday morning.

last night, my best friend and I took a drive to logan to look at utah state. t
he drive last night was a blast.
we ate chex mix and sang to high school musical, country, and occasionally our rapper songs for five hours like best friends do.
we got in late and crashed.

this morning we woke up early.
summer headed to softball and I headed to the equine center at usu.
i was in heaven!
seriously if i could build a facility, that's how i would build it.
it was so perfect.

there were twelve brand new foals with three mares waxed up & ready to drop their babies.
gosh I am such a farm girl.
my ambassador, jake, took me on a tour of all the dairy facilities.
he mentioned that not a lot of people enjoy the smell of cows and horses, but to me, it smells kinda like home.

more later :)

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