Friday, February 10, 2012

some hazards.

highway sixteen. my best friend got into a terrible car accident yesterday afternoon and spent the night in the hospital. she's out now, with a high grade concussion and some neck damage as well as some pretty fabulous pain meds. (thats why she looks so happy.)
(and me? i'm just always happy.)


a hazard of living in the countryside is all the crazy wildlife. 
today i was outside longing butterscotch in the arena. she started to throw her hind end out on the circle and switch her leads constantly, which she does when she's nervous. i asked her to drop to a trot, trying to figure out exactly what was going on. as i turned in a circle, i saw three humongous coyotes crossing the road and going into our pasture. we both got into the barn pretty fast. i'm just glad she smelled them before they were chasing her away from me.

and those are the hazards for today.

jessica. :)

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