Thursday, February 16, 2012

um. how?

that's what i've been asking myself lately.

how do i live on four hours of sleep a night? 
uh. not sure. 44 oz of caffeine? that could help. 
protein bars and boiled eggs? yep those too.
ice cream? 
out of the tub?
heck yes.

literally the past two weeks, i don't even know what's been going on. so much.

 my phone is broken (again) and i lost the cord to my camera. i literally have 2500 pictures to upload, edit, and blog about. yep.

valentines day is seriously my very favorite holiday after christmas. i know alot of people hate it, but its the one holiday that you want to give people things more than you want to recieve them. and who cares if you don't have a boyfriend on valentines? its not about being "in love" with someone, but about being thankful for all the rest of the people in your life that you love. 

eagle, idaho. 
otherwise known as pageant land. 
oh my gosh i cannot stand pageant people. they are the bane of my existence. they're not bad on the off season, but as soon and junior miss and miss america's outstanding teen roll around, be ready for the claws to come out and for my social life to die.

speaking of social lives, i have none. i've never had to study for a test in my entire life-- and then second semester happened. zero motivation+senior project+5 AP classes=one unhappy, sleep deprived jessica.

my best friend's mom backed into my truck and crushed three panels. yayyy. i love that the first word that came out of her mouth was a colorful one that rhymes with bit. she's my young womens leader and i love her to death. 

i'm visiting utah state in two weeks with above said family. ^. i'm so excited. so. 

well. that's been my life lately. 
hopefully i find my camera cord soon. 
i miss it. 


(oh haiii. i'm cute. its fine.)


andy brienne said...

life is better after senior AP classes, promise. and good luck visitng Utah State! That's exciting. :) It's fun up there.

Em and Ms said...

You don't need a camera cord. Go buy a $10 USB card reader. Or check your computer console or printer. They often have them built in. Remove your card, stick it in, and it's way faster to download pictures. Good luck with everything!