Monday, March 12, 2012

cause i hate mondays n' stuff.

so, today i was thinking. 
(don't be so surprised, it happens sometimes.)

 about friendship.
and math. 
and college (alot)
and other various things.

on friends.
a huge majority of my friends graduated last year and are partying away at college this year. the other half are juniors this year, and that leaves me with the seven (yes, seven) of my good friends that are seniors. it's a little sad that i can count them on two hands. 

but i'm okay with it.

wanna know why? 
(i'm going to tell you anyways.)

i'm okay with that because i know who my real friends are. they're the ones that check up on me without me calling and saying anything. they're the ones who tell me what's up, and when i need to quit acting like a brat. they're the ones who tell me my makeup is horribly smeared all across my nose (it happens often.) basically, it was hard to weed through all the people who pretended to be my friends but then would ditch me or decide that it would be funny to be rude to me, but it was so worth it.

on math.
i am so terrible at math, guys. like, disgustingly bad at it. nothing stresses me out more than having to go to calc class. people always say "oh well you're in AP calculus so you must be smart.." well sure i'm in an advanced math class but i'm one of the ones who plops herself in the middle of all the smart kids. ha.

on college.
i have this great roommate, and i've gotten scholarships & cookbooks & pots & pans & lots of other really great stuff. and i'm really really so so excited. and a little nervous. but lets be honest, i'll probably cry every night for the first week. but i'm so excited. 

i'm practicing cooking and making my bed and being a problem solver and things like that. 

yay for independence?
i am so excited.

(did i mention that i'm excited for college?...
oh i didn't?!?!

i'm so so excited for college!!!!)


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