Thursday, March 15, 2012

you're it.

i've been tagged by melia! :)

the rules
-post these rules
-post a photo and eleven random things about yourself
-answer the questions provided by the one who tagged you
-create eleven new questions for the people you tag
-contact those you choose and let them know they've been tagged

this should be good. hehe.

um hi. 
this is me. 
and here are eleven random facts.
ONE. i love frozen grapes. a lot. and frozen mangoes. and frozen fruit in general. except apples and bananas. they don't freeze well. haha. 
TWO. i will be starting college at the age of 17
THREE. i'm sassy & witty erryday.  
FOUR. my hair has never been as long as it is right now.
FIVE. i sing all the time. loudly and off tune. 
SIX. i teach guitar lessons. 
SEVEN. i speak french. 
EIGHT. i'm going to be a veterinarian when i grow up. a horse one, to be exact. i love horses. 
NINE. i'm a romantic. yep. 
TEN. i always talk in a russian accent. 
ELEVEN. i say "so i was thinking today..." and "it's fine" all the time. 

okay. the eleven questions from melia. 
ONE. what is your favorite ride at disneyland and why?
splash mountain. it's the very first ride i ever rode the very first time i went there. 
TWO. what is your favorite album from your favorite artist?
kenny chesney's the road and the radio. perfection. especially when it's sunny and hot outside. 
THREE. would you rather have no arms or no legs?
this is a terrible question. without arms, i could ride horses but not play the guitar... but if i had no legs i could play the guitar but not ride horses... blech. i would rather have three fingers on one hand and one toe on one foot. :)
FOUR. if you had to choose a medical profession, what would you do?
i would be a radiologist. i actually considered that seriously as a career path for a long time.
FIVE. what's your favorite season and why?
fall. my birthday. and, the weather is perfection. still in the 80's but has a nice crispness to the mornings :)
SIX. twilight or the hunger games?
both. twilight if i'm feeling sappy, hunger games if i feel fierce. it's a win win situation. 
(ps. the twilight movies suck. real bad. in case you didn't already know.)
SEVEN. what is your dad's profession?
well. i guess to put it simply, he's an entrepreneur. he does lots of different things!
EIGHT. what is your favorite kind of ice cream?
umpqua chocolate peanut butter. or moose tracks. but mostly chocolate peanut butter. 
NINE. how do you want to be proposed to?
i want to go on a really long drive in the late summer/early fall or the springtime when it's starting to get warm (like around april/may) into the hills and he'll park his truck (yes. he will be driving a truck.) and we'll go walk around in the middle of nowhere. and then bam, he'll pop the question & i'll say yes and i'll get a hot man and a hot ring all at once.
TEN. tell me about the person you like right now.
hm. well, he's darn cute. he's tall (6foot1inch) with tan skin & light brown hair. he drives a truck and plays football. he's sarcastic and witty and laughs at his own jokes. we're great friends & i like him. 
ELEVEN. justin bieber, johnny depp, channing tatum. kill one, kiss one, marry one. 
kill johnny depp. he grosses me out. yes. kiss channing tatum. and marry justin bieber. because he's my age & i will make selena gomez totes jelly. hehe. 

the new questions. 
1) first kiss story (if you've never been kissed, tell us about your first date) in detail, please.
2) do you/did you like high school? and why?
3) would you rather jump off a tall bridge into water or jump off a tall building with a parachute? (we're assuming it's legal) and why?
4) are you shy or outgoing?
5) favorite song & favorite lyrics from that song.
6) macaroni and cheese or top ramen?
7) would you rather live in new york or california? 
8) tell me about the person you like right now. (i love this question.)
9) do you have any obsessions? what are they?
10) what are the colors of your bedroom?
11) cats or dogs? and why? :)

okie dokie. 
i'm tagging. 

ready set go. :)


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