Wednesday, April 4, 2012

today was awkward. and awesome.

awkward: saying the wrong answer with confidence in economics.
awesome: getting 100% on my frq in economics. yeahhh boi.

awkward: asking someone who they like when they're standing next to their boyfriend. um. yeah.
awesome: being single. for real. it's so nice. haha.

awkward: staticky hair. all over the place.
awesome: spring. yay april.

awkward: urban dictionary definitions. nuff said? yeah. thought so. ha.
awesome: hanging out with the old ladies at the home. i love them. :)

awkward: "hey guys i found the coolest new artist!" "oh, i've known who they were forever..." yeah, we've all had this conversation on one end or the other. haha. 
awesome: he is we. i just can't get over them. 


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