Tuesday, May 22, 2012

that's sick.

HAHAHAHAHAHA. <3 oh. i love horses.

well i've had this nasty cough & drainage crap going on for like a month, so today i finally went into the doctor. apparently, i have a clogged drain from my ear to my throat and so all the fluid is backed up into my ear causing other issues like a bacterial infection in my respiratory system. hooray.

and so i got an allergy shot and an antibiotic. did i mention i'm supposed to go camping tomorrow? yeah fat chance.

and, my body is sore from riding so hard yesterday. if y'all don't know, horseback riding is most definitely a sport, especially when your horse decides to curl her neck under to avoid the bit and run as fast as she can and jump over random objects... yeah it was bad. i thought about falling off but i didn't. hehe.

happy tuesday.
jessica :)

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