Monday, May 21, 2012

the time when i finished high school.

first for a senior picture:

this is like one of my very favorite pictures like, ever.
just in case you were wondering.

yayayayaya i'm dooooooneeeeee.
because i'm a terrible procrastinator i never posted about friday so now you get my whole weekend jammed into one post.



it's tradition for me and the best friend to take a "first sno cone of the season" picture. 
this was at our senior picnic. 

oh and i made y'all a video. you should watch it please.
it's REALLY awkward.


my dad surprised me with a beautiful iphone 4s. 
a white one. yay.

it's beautiful.


seminary graduation.
i really struggled through seminary my junior and senior years. a lot. and i'm really happy that it's done.

life is happy and good and i'm off to go ride my horsie.
jessica :)

1 comment:

Megs said...

jealous of the phone. it's one of the things I asked for for my birthday/graduation.
congrats seminary grad :)