Friday, June 1, 2012

about me: the senior edition.

hi, i'm jessica.

i'm a fall baby.
i was born 
with a head full of dark curly hair 
which lightened up to a light brown by the time i was seven. 

from the time i was three
i grew up just outside of portland, oregon.

when i was four
i started kindergarten. 
i guess i'm a smart kid? ;)

when i was eight, 
i was baptized. 
it was the best decision i've ever made in my life.
people sometimes ask me how i made that choice because i was so young. 
my parents made it very clear to me that it was my choice.
if i wanted to wait, i could. 
but in my heart i knew it was the right thing to do. and i still stand by that decision.

when i was ten, 
i started playing the guitar.
i mostly just dinked around, learning a few chords here and there
to eighties songs my dad knew how to play, 
but i never knew it would plant a seed for later in my life. 

when i was thirteen
i started professional guitar lessons. 

when i was fourteen
i got my first horse
and met the girl who would become my very, very best friend
to this day.

when i was fifteen
my family moved to outside boise, idaho.
i love love love idaho. 
i had my first kiss.
i passed my driver's test,
& got my first car.

when i was sixteen
i got into my first car accident. 
i was in trouble a lot. 
(and i mean a lot.)
i decided i loved being a country girl.
& became a fan of football.

and now i'm seventeen. 
i've taught guitar lessons to my own students for almost whole year,
decided i wanted to become a veterinarian.
was accepted into utah state university's equine program.
drove a truck for six months,
lost my home,
lived with my bestie,
finished high school, 
got a new car, 
a set of dishes, silverware, glasses, pots & pans, and other miscellaneous items needed to 
become domestic.
i'm a pinterest, facebook & blogger addict.

i love macaroni & cheese, pretzel sticks, pb&j sandwiches (on white bread), diet coke & crystal light.
(but lets he honest here, if you feed me i'll eat it. i'm not picky. but i am allergic to clams...)

what high school has taught me:

people are always listening to what you're saying, whether it's good or bad. 

if you don't want anyone to find out, don't do it.

you can try to hide things from your mom, but i guarantee she'll find out. 
she may not tell you that she knows, but trust me. she knows.

your parents aren't stupid. 

sometimes you have problems that you create for yourself.
other times, you have problems that other people create for you. 
there is no use in being angry forever. go ahead and have your little rage session, but then take a deep breath, smile, and move on with your life.

people will tell you that you've changed. but you know what? 
that's a good thing.
it means you're evolving and growing and learning.

you must prioritize. 
be where you need to be, when you need to be there.

you can get an A without doing every assignment.

sometimes being a teacher's pet is a good thing.

don't be afraid of people. put your chin up and be confident. 
it's stupid to be attention seeking because you have self confidence issues.
i realize it's difficult for some people, but i promise you can do it.

take care of yourself.

i'm going to be totally honest here. 
boyfriends are a blast. 
they really are. 
they're fun and cute and the feeling you get in your stomach when they talk to you (or kiss you) (or hug you) is addicting. 
i would know, i've had a few in my high school years.
people will judge you.
its just a fact. sorry. 
so, you know what you've been told, and the guidelines set in place by your parents and others. it's your choice to listen.
either way, you have to decide if a few months or years are worth it.

be honest and have integrity.
you are not going to grow it overnight when you get done with high school and go to college.
and cheating becomes a habit.
you think all the sudden your first semester of college and you'll be ida integrity? nope. sorry.

i loved high school.
i really did. but boy am i glad it's over.

so, i guess to sum it up,
be good, have fun, remember who you are & who loves you.


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