Saturday, July 7, 2012


awkward: i ruined my favorite sunglasses this week. but thats not the awkward part. the awkward part is that i ruined them because i accidentally sprayed tanning oil like right at my eyes. and then it stripped all the color off. cool. 
awesome: i bought new sunglasses. (see above). they're real nice, i like them a lot. target is mah frennn.
(and i also bought like 4 new shirts while i was there. i just can't help it.)

awkward: rolling out of bed and going to the store with your best friend before you've showered or brushed your teeth or eating or anything. haha. and, it was like 2 in the afternoon... whoops.
awesome: going to look at the old navy clearance rack and finding a super awesome tank for $2. winning. (also see above.)

awesome: the website is really cool. i like it. 
awkward: that they have a playlist named 'makeout'. haha actually, thats not really awkward, i kinda like that too. 

awkward: forgetting the words to a song that you're singing to really loudly while you're at a stoplight with your windows down. oh and i forgot to mention that there's a full suburban next to you at the light staring at you.
awesome: when you remember all the words to a song and you're with your best friend and the two old ladies next to you at the light tell you and your best friend you remind them of themselves in college.

awkward: the old man riding his bike around the neighborhood with his shirt off.
awesome: the really hot guy running around the neighborhood with his shirt off. 

awkward: i was totally riding this guys butt down the mountain thursday for like 7 or 8 miles because he was going effing slow and i could tell it was a guy with a couple other people in the truck and i was like "oh he's not paying any attention..." so then i passed him and it was my ex boyfriend. haha whoops. he glared at me. what can i say? i was getting impatient!
awesome: i was coming down the mountain in the first place to hang with my besss frannn cause she turned 18 :) 

so basically.
life is awkward.
life is awesome.

and thats all. 

jess :)

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Bailey@Lost&Found said...

I miss Target! There is no such thing over here in Germany, it's just not right. LOL

Hope you're having a great weekend!