Saturday, July 21, 2012

holy batman, batman.

i went to the new batman movie premiere with a group of way random people.
the only people that weren't random were summer and landon.

first on the list:
happy hour at sonic.
take summer's truck through the wash.
make a walmart stop.

get pretty.
redo eyeliner four times.
put on batman shirt.
swear about how hot it is outside.

wait until dark, drive to theater.
take pictures.
look pretty.

watch movie.
be satisfied.
get chocolate chip pancakes at 3:30am at ihop.
see people from high school that you hate.

still up.
mountain dew just kicked in.
watch the sunrise.

day two.
party with the other bestie.

get large cokes at mcdonalds.
they changed their cups and i dig them.
they're styrofoam like sonic!
me likey.

no matter how old i get,
i wil alllwayyys love high school musical. 
like you don't even understand my love for their bad outfits and cheesy acting and terrible lip synching. 
i just love it, okay?

i loved the new batman movie.
i was totally satisfied with it, other than the fact that i hate anne hathaway...

prayers for the people in colorado. 

jessica :)

1 comment:

Megs said...

Everyone with a brain hates miss hathaway.
I'm scared she's going to ruin the movie for me.
But I love Tom Hardy so hopefully he makes up for her lack of talent.