Saturday, August 18, 2012

happy college.

well folks, i'm here! 

my weekend has been crazy.

starting from the top. 

summer writes embarrassing things on my car sometimes. 
i scraped it off. haha.
wendy & i met in boise and dove down to logan together last night.
but. as you can see from our series of tweets... we had some problems.
but then we finally made it.
the vet building will be my second home for the next 4 (or 8) years.
i spilled some milk... it was the first mess i made in college. haha.
and then. i got some vinyl letters for my car. cause you know, we swaggin.
i love them, they're so cool. 
my bedroom is so dang cute. like so cute i can't even handle it.

in other news:
its fricken hot here and we don't have any A/C in our apartment. luckily we're on the bottom so it's cooler than the top floor and i have a fan going.
our water tastes nasty. 
wendy and i have so much food. 

peace out from aggieland

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