Tuesday, September 11, 2012


warning: this is a real talk post.

i'm feeling really blessed for my life today.

i hear girls talking about how much they struggle with things and it's kind of sad to me. things that some girls struggle with never faze me. things like body image, fitting in, you know. the usual.

i have issues just like everyone else.
but when i think about it, they're not the usual issues.

sometimes i'm a little insecure but 98% of the time i'm totally confident in myself.
i never have problems making friends.
i rarely have body image problems. i'm comfortable in my skin.
i am totally okay being by myself. 
people talking about me behind my back has never bothered me because i knew that the rumors were always false. and if they're lies, who cares if people believe them? all that matters is that you know in your heart that you told the truth or did the right thing and everything will work out.

after a really long heart to heart with my one of my best friends tonight, i realized just how blessed i am, especially for some specific things. 

1) i've never had a problem relating to other girls. 

2) going to parties where people are only half dressed and beer is passed around have never appealed to me. at all.

3) because i'm paying to be in college, i'm going to get my hiney out of bed and go to class every morning no matter what so that i can get good grades. 

4) doing the right thing isn't hard.

we're all a little fragile.
we all have our problems, things we aren't sure about, things we wish we could change. 
i do, and you do, and your best friend does and your worst enemy does too. 

i just typed out four huge paragraphs about what i'm feeling right now and then deleted them, because all i need to say can be condensed right down to three sentences.

you know what's right, so do it.
if you're not doing what's right, change it.
and you're loved no matter what.

and that's basically all i have to say about it. 

peace n blessins.
jess xoxo

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Megs said...

This post makes me happy Jess! Go you! You are such an amazing girl!