Friday, September 28, 2012

guys, i'm just so busy.

s t r e e t  p a i n t i n g
street painting is exactly what it sounds like. 
we close down major intersections in logan (with the help of the police) & then we paint a bunch of utah state stuff on the streets for homecoming week.
it's so much fun oh my goodness. i had paint in my hair for like, four days after. 

b a n n e r s  f o r  d a y s
basically... we have a bunch of ugly and unecessary banners hanging in our living room. 
it's just like whatever. 
oh. and my roommate is so cute.

today i rode this little mare named sue. i call her suzy q. 
she's the most beautiful bay ever and i just love her so much. (see above).
she's a reined cow horse so she was so much fun to ride. 
really light on her mouth and front end, has real nice spins and shes also really fast and cowy. i like that.
i love horses so much. a;lskdfja'slf.

in other news.
i wanna go fishing really bad. take me?
i'm working true aggie night, so stay tuned for some super awkward and awesome stories about random people kissing on top of an A under the moonlight. wow. just saying that makes me feel awkward.
i love utah state.
i'm super busy and should be asleep right now but whatevaa.
it's fine.


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Melia Clegg said...

uhhh were going fishing next week hello!