Sunday, September 9, 2012

just between you and i.

just between you and i.

i miss my truck. 
there were so many memories in that hunk of junk. 
but i kind of wish i still drove it.

the song "kiss tomorrow goodbye" is my jam.
the lyrics... i don't even know. 
but something about the words 
"ain't gonna beg you to stay, ain't gotta ask you what's wrong,
ain't no reason runnin after something already gone" 
gives me the chills.
and they remind me of someone.

i love being young. 
i have no rush to do anything, 
no rush to meet anyone, really no rush to do anything.
just taking life at my own pace.

today while talking to my best friend, 
i realized that i really don't have anything left for me in idaho.
i love idaho, but there's just nothing left there for me.
my family, my horses, and the moffats... thats about it.
i don't even feel like i have a home there anymore.

i feel so blessed to have such a great roommate.
i love her so much already. 

i've turned in to a neat freak.
i think living with five other girls has done it.
i get antsy when there's clutter because there's so many of us in so little space.
clean everything. every day. 
and our room is fricken spotless.
what. is this. madness.

jess. xoxo 

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