Tuesday, September 4, 2012

where i grew up, we rode in trucks.

so i have this major pet peeve.

it's about people who claim to be country. 
so i realize that everyone wants to be a country boy or girl... cause lets face it, we're the hottest, we have the most fun, listen to the best music, drive the best vehicles... but we also work the hardest. and thats where my peeving starts. 

i've decided you cannot call yourself a country person unless you work like a country person.

those of us who have worked or lived on farms or ranches know just what a sacrifice it is.
do you have a pair of muck or work boots? wake up early consistently to take care of the animals or crops? can you drive a truck down a dirt road? know the difference between a kubota and a deere? ever hauled & stacked hay or pulled a trailer full of your livelihood? 

basically, what i'm trying to get at is that not everyone that claims they're a country person actually are. 
it takes work and dedication.
owning a pair of justins or ariats and listening to country music doesn't make you a country girl. 

you have to earn it.

and now i'll step off my soap box.
and now yall know my pet peeves. 

jessica :)

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