Tuesday, October 2, 2012

how is it already october?

how is it already october??
i feel like i live in some sort of time warp. 
it feels like i've been in college forever, but also like it hasn't been that long at all! 
all the sudden october is here but it feels like it needs to be november. 
yeah i don't know. haha. 

i'm thoroughly convinced that logan, utah is one of thee prettiest places on earth during the falltime.
fall in logan means 
long hikes up the canyon with sam, 
weaning the foals, 
carving pumpkins, 
drinking apple cider, 
and pulling out the sweaters.

tomorrow is supposed to be in the low 60's and i'm so excited for fall weather to finally be here in full swing. 

also, why did no one ever tell me to get spotify earlier?
it's only the coolest thing since microwave popcorn.

in other news,
i really want a good steak and mashed potatoes. yum. which leads me to my next subject.
today i had class on the killfloor, so basically i watched three cows go from living breathing cows into cuts of beef. it was really interesting to say the least. and i'm pleased to say that i have a stronger stomach than i thought at first. 
when people are pushy i'm purposely difficult and belligerent just to make them mad.
bad habit? haha yes.

& i think that's it for today.
love, peace, n blessins.
jessica :)

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