Thursday, October 11, 2012

lame horses & club calves.

guys, i have a confession to make.
i'm turning into a full fledged redneck.
i talk like them, i dress like them, i act like them... (sometimes i even smell like them.) (but don't tell my mom.)

but hey, i love it.

there's this horse at the university that i love to death. she's been really sore lately & today during our lesson she started limping way bad and didn't even want to put any weight on her front foot. so, the vet got called out to look at her. we thought it could be a problem with her shoe but really it was just a muscular soreness problem. he just gave her a bantamine shot & she's on stall rest now and will be all better by the end of the week, which is good. cause i love her.

i love my life oh my freaking heck. 
i love being around horses and cows and sheep everyday, and learning about how animals work and what makes them tick. 

like today in one of my classes, i learned that if you give bute (horsey advil) in a shot, if you put it outside a vein it melts a hole in the muscle. yep. and in my other class i learned about the structure of an egg, and it turns out that theres a lot more to it than just a yolk, shell & white. haha.

i'm doing this thing at the university called club calves.
basically what we do is train a weaned calf (either a steer or heifer) to lead at the halter 
and perform show maneuvers.
if you know someone that needs to learn serious patience, send them to club calves. 
we'll make them the most patient person on the earth.
if you thought training horses was hard, they're freaking geniuses compared to cows.

the calf i was helping with today had just been de-horned & had a bunch of stitches on the top of his head. while we were pulling him around he banged his head on the fence and burst his stitches... so me & the other girls ended up with a bunch of cow blood on our arms. yay?

this is what a de-horned steer's head looks like.

this is one of my besties jayden & her steer joshy.

all the club calves.

as always, 
life is good & people are crazy. 
jess :)

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