Thursday, October 25, 2012

oh dear.

i hope you guys like random posts, cause this one is the grandaddy of all random posts. haha.

if you can't walk the talk, then don't talk at all.

sometimes i forget things. 
i'm honestly one of the most forgetful people on the planet. 
i'd like to think that i'll remember your name, and your birthday, and when i have class, and what homework i have to do, and where i put things.
but lets just be honest, i forget things too often.

watching some people try to flirt is just painful. like, please no. 
i know that sounds mean but in all reality it just makes me uncomfortable.
in most situations, i end up vacating the premises.

i love taking showers.
 but i absolutely hate getting dressed after. 
you're all wet and you have to dry off and put clothes on again (i hate wearing clothes...)
and my hair is all wet and it takes a solid half hour to brush out... yeah. 

sometimes when i get bored in class i just like to watch people. 
they're weird.
nuff said.

getting out of bed is the hardest part about waking up. 
if i could do school and work from my bed, i absolutely would.

it's so much easier to sleep in and skip class when there's snow on the ground.
oh, speaking of snow.
logan got it's first snow on tuesday! 
it was delightful.

for me, the good life is driving back from the barn covered in mud, smelling like cows and horses, and blasting dierks bentley. 

my goodness my life is great.

peace n love n blessins!

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