Monday, November 12, 2012

a year ago.

was 11/11/11.
i had a boyfriend.
i was a senior in high school.
we still had our house in eagle.
i was dumber than i am now.
really, i was stupid.
i got in trouble a lot.
i started driving my truck.
my best friend was coming to see me.
so many things were different.

it's weird to look back and remember what my life was like, because it's changed so drastically in the last year. like, so much. more than i thought was ever possible. i'm a different person than i was then. i'm much more guarded and emotionally hard. i don't cry as much, i don't get upset as easily. everything that's gone down in the last year has seriously toughened me up and i'm grateful for it, surprisingly. it prepared me for living on my own and being in charge of my future. i feel different. in a good way.


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jessie said...

totally. it's insane to think how different you can be after just one year.