Wednesday, November 21, 2012

life lately in 140 characters or less.

i love the show Moonshiners.

if you ask to have a piece of my bacon, the answer is no. no, no and no.

dino nuggets are the food of champions.

life's a bitch cause if it was a hoe it would be easy.

if Texas ends up seceding it will suck for the Mexicans cause they'll have to illegally cross 2 borders.

pizza delivery cars should be equipped with sirens and be able to speed and run red lights.

boobytrap backwards is partyboob... carry on.

it makes me laugh when white girls have black girl names.

hi, my name is rod, and i like to party.

i want to make out with dierks bentley.

jess :)

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Megs said...

this is my kind of post.