Tuesday, December 18, 2012

too many angels.

heaven is too full of angels this christmas. 

sweet shauna passed away today. we were all hoping and praying that she would make it and be a christmas miracle, but it turns out that heavenly father had other plans for that beautiful girl. i never knew her especially well, but i was friends with her sister in high school and i am so so so proud of the strength she & her family has shown these last couple days. i cannot even imagine the pain of her family having to decide to pull her life support and having the courage to let her go and say it was going to be okay. 

as i was thinking about the children from connecticut and shauna today, i just felt really calm. i felt the same type of peace i feel while driving through the canyon by myself in the quiet, when i'm closest to him. i think that when heavenly father's children leave the earth, the veil that separates us from heaven is so thin and we are able to see what our father in heaven needs us to see. with that & all the prayers that are being said for families all around the world tonight, the families that are especially struggling are going to have so many blessings given to them. of course, this isn't something that anyone would ever want or wish to happen, but the lord has such a wonderful plan and his timing of things is so perfect. sometimes it's hard to trust him. but in the end, that's all that we can do and we will see, in time, the bigger picture that he has been painting for us the whole time. 

all you sweet angels, we miss you. 
but we know you're doing better things and were welcomed home.
all my love.


john 14:27

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