Tuesday, January 1, 2013

new years resolutions.

quite frankly, i think new years resolutions are crap. they set people up for disappointment and most of the time aren't realistic. however, i do think that feasible lifestyle changes and habits that you want to create are fabulous. there are some things i want to do and change this year as well.

i want to live by the slogan "love everyone & be indispensable".
lose the 20 pounds that snuck up on me this last year. yuck.
drink less coke, drink more water.
ride more horses, go on more drives, get a little muddier.

i want to go running more than the one or two times a week i'm doing right now. 
i'm going to make sure everything i say is uplifting and real.
i'm done being "fake nice" to those around me that i have a hard time getting along with. 
i'm going to genuinely love people. 
i know it will make a difference in my life. 
this year, i'm going to make more friends and jam to more music. 
i'm going to spread my talents and conquer a couple of fears. 

i'm going to make amends and turn nineteen.
i will think before i speak.
maybe travel a little bit and maybe find myself a boyfriend.
i'm going to quit being rude and start being kind.
(not that i'm rude alot, but i have my moments.)

in 2013,
i'm not going to hold back.
this year?
it'll be the best one yet.

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