Monday, January 28, 2013

this last week.

not going to lie, this last week was really hard. classes got super challenging, i got called into work when i wasn't planning on it and theres a coworker that i seriously dislike. (she's a first class beyotch. one of those girls who makes you feel like a speck of dust. and she's not even pretty or anything. call me shallow but you know the type i'm talking about.) a small bout with the 24 hour stomach bug decided to pay me a visit, and then was replaced by a serious case of the winter blues. add that to my four obnoxious roommates, i just felt low and sad. even yesterday, after a heavy dose of church, i wasn't feeling like myself. but then i woke up this morning to go out to the farm.  

the blizzard that came through last night cleared out the inversion and i saw blue sky for the first time in two weeks. it's never felt so good to see the sun shine through clouds. class was cancelled because of all the snow, and i feel so much better today. it's like seeing a little bit of blue sky gave me the refuel i needed to make it through the rest of january. only four more days, and a new month will be here. 

hurry up february. you're one month closer to spring.


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