Saturday, February 2, 2013

it's all about the long term.


if you're anything like me, you hate that word. something about the sound of it, and the memories of dumb leadership seminars and young women's lessons make me hate the word "goal". i have heard the words "take some time to write down long and short term goals on this piece of paper" so many dang times it makes me want to punch a wall. the mere mention of someone telling me to make goals makes me want to do the exact opposite, and have absolutely no goals. (it's my belligerent side coming out).

lately though, i've realized why adults put so much pressure on young people to write down what they want to do with their life. having long and short term goals makes doing the things you want to do more fun, and more importantly, it gives you the strength and insight to fight through the hard times. 

it gives you the ability to wake up at 4am every day for 6 hours of work 
& still be able to stay on top of your classes. 
it makes the days spent covered in horse & cow crap much more bearable. 
it helps you learn to appreciate a good night's sleep. 
the days spent working outside in the below freezing weather go by quicker, 
and sore muscles and a tired mind recuperate quicker. 

the way i see it, you can either let your life defeat you or you can let your life teach you how to grow and become a strong, hard working, brave, kind, resilient person. to me, having the long term goals constantly in sight (along with a heavy dose of faith) makes all the hard, terrible, exhausting days worth it. i know exactly what i want, and i know i'm getting closer every day.

i love the direction my life is headed, 
and i'm excited for the future.


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