Wednesday, February 27, 2013

the sun always rises.

every morning, i watch the sun rise out of this barn door. some days it's hidden from fog, or rain or snow clouds. on a really cold, clear day, you get a sunrise that looks like this. other days, with just a few clouds, there are beautiful colors thrown. 
some days it rises earlier, some days it rises later. but the important part is, 
it always rises. 

the early hours of the morning are always spiritual for me. they're quiet and beautiful and so peaceful. my mind is always the most calm first thing in the morning, and things always make the most sense. i usually have my best ideas, solve my hardest problems, do the most difficult things early in the morning. 

i have been stressed out of my mind lately. i'm good at putting up a good front, because it's easier to just tell people that you're okay than to explain what's worrying you. today at work, around 5:30am, i was sitting on the guard rail of one of the tie stalls waiting for one of the girls to bring in a load of straw. it was quiet, i was the only one in the barn. i was just sitting still, looking around and kind of dreading the work that needed to be done, when a couple of little birds flew down from the rafters and sat in the straw right in front of me. they picked up some straw with their beaks, hopping around and chirping. they sounded so happy i couldn't help but smile. i had a really comforting thought come to me. it said, "your Heavenly Father cares about these little birds, and their well being. He cares about the cows you take care of. He even cares about those who have forgotten about him. What makes you think he doesn't care about you? He loves you. Always has, and always will."

it was such a perfect time for me to realize that i am so blessed. i have incredible parents who i am so lucky to be close to. i have two awesome brothers and a little sister who i love. my life is good. i have my struggles just like everyone else, and sometimes i feel like no one could understand. it's in these little moments that i remember that i'm never alone. i have thanked my heavenly father over and over again this week for the way things are falling into place. i couldn't be happier.


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