Monday, March 25, 2013

confessions galore.

i'm really quite vain. i like taking pictures of myself and i like it when people take pictures of me. i like wearing makeup & fixing my hair, even though it doesn't happen most days. 

sometimes i really like listening to chris brown, pitbull, jason derulo, usher, ke$ha & dare i say it, britney spears. i'm almost disgusted with myself. but do i care? no, not especially.

when i study, i eat cold cereal & drink either diet coke or raspberry lemonade crystal light.

i love snapchat. i think it's the funniest thing since... well... i just think it's super entertaining. i mean whats not to love? i get to send pictures of myself to my friends and they do the same to me. i'd rather snapchat than text.

i seriously have to restrain myself when it comes to macaroni and cheese. why is that crap so dang good?? it takes a ton of willpower to not eat two whole boxes my myself. (it's happened before.)

my little jaunt as a brunette was fun but i'm ready to be blonde again.

i'm supposed to be writing a paper... um. yeah.

so that's all for today.
i hope you all have an awesome evening/morning/afternoon/whatever.
jessica :)

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