Tuesday, March 19, 2013

gratitude tuesdays.

la vie est belle, indeed. 
i'm grateful for an awful lot today.

-days & moods that are turned around from the simplest things.
-handwritten letters from missionaries. they are so inspired.
-genuine compliments from people.
-best friends who aren't afraid to tell me how it is, and then help me fix it.
-really big diet cokes. 
-clean sheets and a made bed.
-self confidence. 
-tickets to general conference with clara in two weeks. 
-old friends that call to catch up.
-80's & 90's country music. seriously. if there was ever such a thing as feel good music, this is it.
-boys who understand that sometimes you just need a super huge hug.
-the weather being warm enough to open windows
-march is almost over.
-when something just clicks & you understand why things have been happening the way they have.
-my new mixtape >>> (honestly. so much can be said with a well thought out mixtape. burn a cd and i promise we'll be friends forever.)
-patriarchal blessings.
-parents who help me see the big picture but also leave my life up to me.

so. as you can see. my life is really amazing.
xoxo :)

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kelci r said...

80s and 90s music = looove!