Saturday, March 9, 2013


i have never been so happy to see this sign in my entire life. when i made it into boise, a quick stop was made to see my best friend and after i left her apartment, i sat in my truck and had a good cry for a little while because 1) i am beyond glad to get out of utah 2) i hate that i have to leave tuesday 3) i've been up since 3:30 this morning 4) i am just so dang glad to be home. i didn't realize how homesick i was until i got there and smelled the idaho air and felt the 55 degree weather and saw the horses and old friends... all my emotions just piled up and spilled out my eyes. and you know what? it felt good to cry. it's a seven hour drive (give or take) from school to home, and it's kinda hard to drive it by myself. i always get bored around the 51/2 hour mark... thanks to really huge fountain drinks & 80s music the last hour and a half is bearable. barely. heres to an amazing three days. 

-jessica :)

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