Saturday, March 23, 2013

when saturdays were actually saturdays.

when i was growing up we had a very specific saturday schedule. 
if things didn't happen a certain way, it was because someone was dying. seriously. 

nothing changed the fact that every saturday, we woke up a few hours later than normal, went out to feed the animals, then came back inside and had pancakes & eggs as a family. then, we went back outside to clean the barn, groom and exercise the horses, weed the garden, clean the chicken coop, go to the feed store, fix fences, and play with the dogs in the pastures for hours and hours. 

while i've been at school i've missed that. most of the time, i work on saturdays & do homework until the sun goes down again. but today, the girls & i made breakfast, cleaned up a little, did some laundry, and have nothing else on the agenda but to watch pride and prejudice. today feels like a real saturday & i kinda love it. 


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