Wednesday, April 17, 2013

life is so good.

well, my classes are getting ready to wrap up, the summer is well on it's way, i'm moving in with my best friends in less than a month, i get to see horses every day, &i love my job.
i'm not especially stressed or worried about events that are going down in my life because there's absolutely no reason to be.  things will work out the way that god wants them to, and so there's no reason to be all depressed about it. that doesn't mean that life isn't hard, because sometimes it is, and sometimes it sucks, but i don't feel the need to change the way i lead my life just because i'm going through a rough patch. theres no reason to be sad or beg for sympathy or whatever. ya feel me?
 plus, i have an amazing support system. i have some freaking awesome friends that i know would drop anything and everything to come and help me. so, thank you to those who have expressed their support and concern for me over the past few days but i just know that i am doing really really well right now. i am happy & life is so good.

jessica :)

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