Friday, November 1, 2013

still alive.

hey guess what? i'm still alive over here. it's been a rough couple months, and if i haven't kept in touch so well, i'm sorry. things are definitely moving forward, and i'm glad that they are. change is always hard, but i learned that it's even harder when you don't accept it and go with it. the more you fight it, the harder it gets. acknowledging that God has put you in a situation for your own benefit makes all the difference. He knew i was strong enough to struggle through the summer, and i'm so blessed to have learned such valuable lessons. i've changed for the better- i'm stronger, more flexible and true to myself. 

sometimes it seems like bracing your feet and turning your back to the wind makes it all better, but holy cow does it only make it worse. touche, life. lesson learned. 

so pretty much... i'm just glad i'm back to feeling like myself. i've had a lot of friends make blogs lately and i'm absolutely loving reading what everyone has to say about their life experiences right now. so, yall should keep it up. haha.


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Jennie Grange said...

love that quote!! and you are so darn beautiful!