Thursday, January 5, 2012

awesome/awkward thursdays.

awesome: the sunrise this morning. the fiery orange & bright pink coming up
 over the brown fields & hills took my breath away.
awkward: mah herrrrr. its a tangly mane of who knows what. plus, its at that awkward winter brown. not a fan.

awesome: pulling up to the gas station right as my gas light came on.
awkward: not being able to figure out how to get the gas cap off of my truck... and the guy next to me laughing his head off. don't worry, i figured it out eventually.

awesome: lunch with my girls.
awkward: dani screaming when the water boiled over. its okay, danielle, just turn the heat down...

awesome: english class. we do literally nothing. plus, i'm borrowing the secret life of bees from my teacher for the weekend.
awkward: chemistry class. my teacher is so greatly awkward. she likes us to call her elmo & she's got crazy red hair. she teaches yoga too, which is pretty cool. unfortunately, i have no attention span in that class. (see below photo)

awesome: barns and noble gift cards.
awkward: not being able to decide what book to buy.

and so. as you can see.
my somewhat awkward, but mostly awesome day.


love, peace n blessins.

storm warning by hunter hayes. i have a crush. its fine.

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