Thursday, January 5, 2012

hey thats me.

you are about to find out a lot about me. 

your first name?

your middle name?
i have none.

do you hate anyone?
- yes. two people, actually. and believe me, its very difficult to get onto the "hate" list.

are you avoiding trying to like someone at the moment?
- hm. sort of? no? ish? depends on the day.

do you drink more apple or orange juice?
- orange.

what time did you go to sleep friday night?
- midnight ish.

are you nice to people you dislike?
- heck yes. my mother gets mad if i'm not. 

was this summer a good one?
- one of the best!

you recieve $50 without any reason. what do you spend it on?
- to be honest... gas money, babe. 

how long does it take you to fall asleep at night?
- 1.793 seconds. about as long as it takes for my head to hit the pillow and my eyes to close.

who are you annoyed at?
- one... it think thats a first.

would you rather write with a gel pen or a sharpie?
- write? gel pen. preferably a glittery purple one. i love drawing with sharpies though :)

do you believe that love at first sight exists?
- nah. i think its more like "love at first conversation."
looks are overrated.

do you miss anyone?
- kathy. 

have you ever had stitches?
- yuup. multiple times.

this time last year, can you remember who you liked?
- easy. junior year i was somewhat anti-boy until about april. so, yes, no one.

are you easy to get along with?
- i would say yes.

was last night terrible?
- last night? yes. up until 3am doing homework.

is it possible to be JUST friends with someone you want to be with?
- it sure is.

meet anyone new this year?
- yep. meeting new people is what i do best.

are you a bad influence?
- i sure hope not. i'm a good girl.

what is your favorite book you read for school?
- 1984 was soo good. or roots. or to kill a mockingbird... or cry, the beloved country. those are all good. 
who am i kidding. i like all books.

what does the last text you received say?
- "in a sports bra. i think girls look so cool when they can do that and they are toned."
from summer. 

do you want to say something to someone?
- might as well. act normal, dummy.

anybody you're looking forward to seeing soon?
- mah girls for lunch tomorrow.

how fast does your mood change?
- hm.. pretty darn fast i would say.

remember the first time you kissed the last person you kissed?
- sure do. it was great.

why did you last smile?
- because my 14 year old brother is hysterical.

last girls you hung out with?
- kait & dani during lunch today.

have you ever thrown up in a trash can?
- yes. on the second day of third grade.

what were you doing at 8:00am this morning?
- sleeping.

do you sleep with the door open or closed?
- closed. preferably with the lights off and four pillows. please & thank you. oh and if you could, some quiet piano music in the background would be lovely. 

are you an official couple with the last person you kissed?
- hahahahahaha. no.

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Maribel said...

I don't have a middle name either!