Friday, January 13, 2012

i'm antisocial.

day four.
(this is my "i-got-cute-and-i-have-no-one-to-impress-but-oh-well" face)

a picture of my night? well, its friday. 
which means i probably have something planned...

but lets face it. 
i'm antisocial at best.

i like hanging out with people. really, i do. but as of late, if it requires me to change out of my yoga pants and fix my hair, well... not a huge fan of the whole getting ready thing. which is why a picture of my night does not include a picture of the incredibly boring party i just got home from but of me being so excited to be on my way to interact with people. ugh. its this senioritis thing, i swear. 

oh well. 

at least i have landon & danielle to keep me company.

and yes. my eyes really are that green. all by themselves.

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