Wednesday, January 18, 2012

oh, i had no idea.

finally, five inches of snow in the treasure valley last night. 

on facebook, 
my news feed was crammmmed with people talking about the snow outside. 
oh really? i had no idea. 
get over itttttt.

oh other thing that really bothers me. 
people who don't know how to drive in the snow.  
if you've never driven in snow before go to a church parkinglot and figure it out!
its not fair the the rest of us who have places to go. 
you aren't helping by going 14.68 mph on a 45mph road. 
there's a difference between driving safely in snow and driving slowly in snow. 
know it.

and one last thing. 
if you drive a tiny little nissan with two wheel drive and you don't have snow tires on, 
get a ride with someone.
you're the reason there's accidents all over the place. thanks.

i feel really strongly about the whole driving-safely-in-snow-thing.
just in case you can't tell. 

the ponies are nice and toasty, blanketed & in their stalls. 
driving to school this morning was so fun. 
we live on a windy road in the eagle foothills.
we basically slid everywhere on the road & i'm pretty sure i gave my brother ryan a heart attack.
chill bro, i'm a good driver.

finals are basically over.. now there's just government on friday& we're golden.


one very very last thing. 
i'm obsessed with tim mcgraw's song the one that got away.

day nine.
this is my momma.
she likes to ski. 
(but really..this
is like the only
picture i could
find of her. ha)
and she's great.
i love her. 

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Megs said...

I could never live in Idaho.
Snow = Megs pulling her hair out at the wheel