Thursday, March 8, 2012


my dear friend taylor has an incredible knack for saying it as it is.
and i agree 100%.

read this.

please don't get me wrong,
what's happening here is terrible 
and no child should ever have to go through
something like this. ever. period.
people just need to understand that
this is run on emotion (and is very successful)
but you shouldn't join a movement like this
unless you truly care about it and are informed. 
change isn't made by apathy.
hopefully this video/movement reaches someone who can do 
something about it, but to the rest of us, 
lets be informed about what's really going on here.
i'm not ignorant and i'm not being rude, 
just being realistic.

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M Occasionally B said...

I think your friend Taylor makes a excellent point However, I think she may be missing the main message of the “Kony 2012″ video by pulling it apart piece by piece to find any mishaps or errors in it. It is obvious that the conflict in Uganda is more complex than Joseph Kony, and includes a history that most of us will ever truly be able to comprehend.

But the idea behind this video is to raise awareness around the world of the man behind this rebel group, and show that it is possible for people everywhere to come together and support a true and good cause in this world, whatever that cause may be.

The same thing can and should be done for the circumstances your friend Taylor wrote about. "It Gets Better" is one of those campaigns. However, I know that it is controvesial as well bc is consists of mostly gay, lesbian, bi-sexual and trans gender individuals. But there are others out there.

The main thing I want to see people take away from this whole Kony movement, it that social media is a very powereful tool and can, if used correctly, be an amazing force in helping us as a come together to create good and make changes in the world. Do I think we should start closer to home? Absoulutely. But we also need to be aware of the world outside our own small realms.

By supporting this particular campaign in all it's complexities and even flaws, you are coming together with the people around you to support people in a country you have never even met. Sounds pretty wonderful to me regardless of what the outcome might be.