Wednesday, March 7, 2012


i'm eating fried rice and teriyaki chicken. while sitting at the computer. (that's a no no in our house. oops.) i have a feeling it'll be a staple next year.

i love my bestie. she makes me laugh so fricken hard. plus, her name is summer sooo its like a double plus.

my mom is in a crafty mood. she's watching youtube videos about how to crochet flowers to sew on a pillow.

i. am. sore. working with your horse for the first time since november is difficult sometimes, especially when he's only six years old and need refreshed on his training.

my mom got a letter in the mail today about my class-skipping issue. whooops. 

i have a roommate! she's fabulous and we're quite alike (especially in our love for cats). 

i'm tired. 

and done with school.


and thats all.



melia said...

where are you staying up at usu?

jessica said...

bullen hall. what about you?!

melia said...

i am staying in the llc. i was actually going to stay in bullen but then i fell in love with the llc. hopefully we will see each other around campus (: