Sunday, April 8, 2012

easter sunday.

easter is such a wonderful holiday. it's my second favorite after christmas. it doesn't have much to do with an easter basket with jelly beans, coloring eggs, a new dress to wear to church. 
(although those are part of it. haha.)

it's more about remembering our Savior who lived, died, and was resurrected for us.
He lives and loves us.

"i know that my redeemer lives,
what comfort this sweet sentence gives.
he lives! he lives who once was dead. 
he lives! my ever living head. 

he lives, to bless me with his love,
he lives, to plead for me above.
he lives my hungry soul to feed. 
he lives to bless in times of need."

(i know that my redeemer lives, hymns #144)

some people think it's a little crazy to put all your faith into someone who supposedly saved the entire human race. but you know what? i do. 

because He did save us. 
and i know he did. 

how do i know?
i've prayed about it. i've read the scriptures and asked to know if Jesus really was who we say He is. and i received an answer i know He was crucified and then was resurrected after three days.
to me, Christ is more than a spiritual leader who taught people moral lessons two thousand years ago. to me, Christ is my personal redeemer. He suffered beyond what anyone imagined was possible. He was ridiculed and mocked and ultimately killed, because He knew what his purpose was. He was laid in a tomb after his crucifixion, and then three days later, He walked out perfectly alive and with a perfect body. 

because He suffered for you and i, because He suffered death, we can live again. 
He lives. He is a living witness that death can be overcome. it is so wonderful to know that we can see those we love who have passed on again- because of the wonderful gift that our older brother gave us. 

we can become perfect because He suffered for us. He loves us.
and i love Him for it.


ps. listen to this song. i love it.

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