Thursday, April 12, 2012

honesty & integrity.

pay attention, i'm about to teach you something very important.



crazy stuff has been happening in my family & although it's more challenging than i could have ever imagined it to be, somehow i feel okay. we don't know what's exactly happening and it's an understatement to say we're flying by the seat of our pants.
this week, i've learned a couple of things that surprise me. 

-lesson number one-
family is the most valuable support network you have.

really though. i have the most amazing family ever. not only are they loving & supportive, they drop everything going on to make sure you're okay. for us, they dropped work and other personal matters and drove for hours to get to us. it is so comforting to know that no matter what the outcome of things are, i have places i can go.

-lesson number two-

i don't know how else to say this. 
honesty and integrity are your two most valuable personal assets. you think it's okay to steal things from classmates because it's small. you think it's okay to make a commitment and then flake out at the last minute. you think it's okay to become 'friends' with someone because you want something from them.
to all my fellow classmates: you think that integrity is just something you grow as soon as you graduate from high school? you're insane. it is a either a part of you or not a part of you. 
there is no partial integrity. you think you're just going to suddenly become honest when you enter the workforce? please, no. if you're dishonest in one aspect of your life you are going to find it extremely difficult to be honest in the rest. thats when it begins to hurt other people &

-lesson number three-
(and this one i'm so guilty of. like, so guilty. but you can believe me when i say this is changing. now.)
speculation and rumor spreading and judging people for something you *think* happened or you *think* is true is not okay.

oh, you know for sure what happened? were you there? oh you heard it from her who heard it from him who told her all about it. 
please, stop. 
there is plenty of speculation and false stories and inaccurate information portrayed by the media and by people who read the media. it's.not.all.true.
if you want to know exactly what's going on, ask me. if not me, than one of my family members. ask someone who's directly involved so you can get facts. not facts that have been passed through three people's tongues, not facts that are from a funky news article that has a name & a picture. things are skewed by the media for ratings. just accept that your 'source' isn't accurate unless it's first hand, please.
before i go completely insane.

-lesson number four-
i am grateful for a savior who knows exactly how this feels.

christ knows.
injustice does not last forever.
false allegations can't stand.
things will be judged how they're meant to be in the end. 
everything will work out. 
i honestly have no idea what is going to happen tomorrow, next week, next year. things could stay the same but more than likely there will be some huge changes in my life coming up.
but i feel okay because i know that someone else has felt this and more.

tears come and go (they come more often than not).
i'm living off of diet coke & oreos. (thanks nicki.)

& that's my heart right now.



Carole said...

You can do this. With the savior, everything's possible. I know. Call me anytime 801-633-9882. i love you and stand ready and prepared to comfort and hold. I love you. I love your family.

Elizabeth said...

You inspire me. You are an amazing example. I miss you so much:)

p.s. whens graduation... I wanna come!

jessica said...


Tenley and Shelly said...

Your in my prayers Jessica, and never forget that I and my family love you.

Tenley and Shelly said...

Sorry I forgot to mention that it was Tenley who made the above comment:)

Kaitlin said...

Jessica, I want to let you know that know matter what is going on or how much I really don't know I love you and your family and I'm praying for you everyday!!!! Keep in touch if you can!! Loves to you and the fam.