Saturday, April 21, 2012

like a polaroid pitchuuuurrrrrrr.


1) today is a great day because kalea, sam, and i went swimming. and then we got $1 large diet cokes. and then we swam some more. and then we got aspen leaf. and then we ate five guys. and then we swam some more. and i'm just really happy because i'm definitely like nine shades darker than i was this morning. and my cheeks are a little sunburned and that makes me giddy. and right now, my brother & i are watching harry potter vii part ii. today is a great day.

2) tomorrow i will eat pancakes for breakfast and go to church & be super happy & wear my new shoes i got at target. erryone love target. true story.

3) my favorite time of day is either 8:00 am or 8:00 pm. at least at this time of the year. i love the morning sun and how its warm on your face but not too hot. and then in the evening its right when the sun is going down and i love driving around with my windows rolled down singing songs rather loudly. 

4) sometimes you just need to paint your nails a beautiful color and get a $1 large diet coke whilst browsing pinterest. for real. that's like a recipe for happiness. 

5) a song that i just can't get enough of is nothin' to lose by josh gracin. it's one of the very first country songs i ever heard and its just my favorite. (please, enjoy.)

6) my favorite accessory is either my ctr ring or my pair of fake diamond studs. seriously i love these things. well. i love all earrings. but my studs just go with everything rather well. haha.

7) my favorite thing about this week was skipping school all week. it was grand. and, also, i sort of really love this 80 degree weather we've been having. it's really nice and i feel as though it should continue for, oh, ever. 

8) i'm obsessed with drinks. i would rather drink something than eat something. and thats saying something seeing as how i really love food. my favorites right now are sonic ocean waters (coconutty), sonic lemon berry slushes, good ol' diet coke, or raspberry lemonade. yep.

happy day. 

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