Monday, April 30, 2012

some word vomit.

dream catcher

1) today i did this strange little facebook survey on the usu page. and girls are dirty little liars! there was a question that said something along the lines of "drama prone or easy going?" AND EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM SAID EASY GOING. lets be honest, i guarantee half of you are lying. (& liars have no friends and go to hell. true story.)

2) also, in same said fb survey. why the crap does no one like country music?! would you rather listen to drugs and sex than cowboys and trucks? i'm pretty sure there's two of us who admitted to it. i really don't understand the whole 'rap only' music lovers. just don't get it.

3) fourteen days left of high school.

4) i better get one of these scholarships i applied for. if i don't, i'll be raging.

5) i did one of those honey mask things that you see aallll over pinterest.
yes, i smeared honey all over my beautiful face. i didn't take a picture on purpose. but guess what? it definitely made my skin way soft but not greasy, and it made all my redness go away! and i'm surprised because i have super acne prone skin so this will be a keeper. (pinterest said that it's also good for your acne to rub olive oil into your skin... yeah i won't be trying that one anytime soon.)

6) i like crystal light, pony tails & 80 degree weather.

and thats all.
peace n' blessings


Melia Clegg said...

that usu survey made me laugh! its gunna be a real problem if we are the only two people who like country music...

free2b.Kelsey said...

I do the olive oil thing! It works! Helps with dry skin, a lot. Even my brother uses it.