Friday, May 4, 2012

the spring that changed me.

this song sums up my life. like, perfectly.

i know a lot people are worried & aren't all the way informed so i figured i'd do a little (haha.. little) post about it.


there's too much happening. i don't even know where to start..

1) a long time ago, my dad refused to do some huge business work for some really prominent people because it wasn't honest. ever since then, they've been trying to get back at him for 'hurting' their operations.

2) two weeks ago the fbi showed up on our doorstep at 6:45 in the morning and arrested my dad on charges of pension fraud, which are totally untrue. some people managed to twist information around in order to make it look like he was guilty. he did nothing wrong. he spend overnight in jail and then was let out with an ankle monitor. yeah, my dad's under house arrest. no big deal. (ever seen the tv show white collar? it looks just like that.)

3) its a really long and complicated and sickening story, but our home was stolen out from under us illegally, but there's nothing we can do to prove it right now. innocent until proven guilty? please. its more like guilty until proven innocent. we had an agreement that we could stay in our house until graduation and then we could move out. yesterday at 2pm, they showed up with an eviction notice saying we had 24 hours to be out of our house. (which, btw, is illegal.. its the law in idaho that you have 72 hours to pack up and move. but whatever.)

4) we had to find places to put our horses, dogs, rabbits, and chickens. they're all spread out at multiple different places with multiple different amazing families. that was the first issue. our friends brought their horse trailer over and we loaded up and took them to their home. they're staying there for a while. right after i got home from that, i found my best friend and her sister in my room. they'd started to pack for me.

needless to say, i lost it.
i've never cried so hard in my life.
the worst feeling ever is knowing that you don't have a home to go home to. like really? its gut wrenching. imagine feeling scared of the scariest thing in your life times four.

it is such a blessing to have so many people that are willing to go out of their way to help us.

5) right now, i'm staying with my best friend and her family. i love them just as much as my real family. my life is currently spread out between like five people's homes. my shoes are at one house, all my clean clothes are at another, all my dirty clothes are at still another, and my makeup, two pairs of yoga pants and various t-shirts are with me. yeah, it sucks but i'm alright.

my extended family is awesome too. they're such a support to us right now.

a lot of people have asked about my plans for this summer.

i'm moving down (up?) to logan as soon as possible to get a job, and i'm actually super excited. (don't get me wrong, still plenty nervous but still really excited.) i'm planning on starting school in the fall as usual.

also. i have a small favor.
if you're in the boise or logan area and know anyone that's selling a small car with good gas mileage pretty cheap.. let me know :) i'm not taking my truck with me because it's expensive and hard to park in small college parking lots.



Carole said...

Well, as bad as it looks now, it will get better. You will get to the other side of this. I know. We are not what happens to us, but what happens to us sure helps us to find out real fast who we really are and where we really stand. I'm cheering you on Jessica, knowing your sorrow. love you.

Megs said...

*sending you good vibes*

bina said...

Awe you poor thing! You will be kept in my prayers :( Love you girl! Keep your head held high!

M Occasionally B said...

we love your family. sending you prayers from Virginia. <3